Andres Luengo

South London based session drummer

Andres Luengo Home Page

Hi! Welcome to my webpage where I’ll give you all the info you need to get to know me better. Let’s start at the beginning then……

I have been playing drums for nearly 30 years and started at the age of 11. My father is a musician so it was probably inevitable I’d follow him down some sort of musical path but at first I couldn’t choose an instrument. After stumbling through trying to learn piano, classical guitar and then bass guitar I finally found a passion for drums by watching my Dads drummer at gigs and noticing how people were dancing to his beats.

My music education started with lessons from my father and then through teachers such as Geoff Isaacs, Mirko Schmitt, John Taylor and Pete Riley. My early teens were spent playing in my Dads band, playing in school bands and constantly learning records from various genres of music.

I then spent my middle to late teens playing live non stop. From playing blues in pub bands to gigging with original funk, pop and rock bands, I never said no to any gigs and learnt a LOT about the music industry and what a strange breed us musicians are! At the same time I was gigging I started  working in the music retail business where I finally learnt to play guitar and bass and also started to sing backing vocals. 

Seven years ago I emigrated to France to play with the band Mullit and gig all over the French Alps. This involved playing up to 10 gigs a week at numerous ski resorts during the winter ski season and whilst being immensly fun a change is as good as a rest so I decided to return and continue my career based in the UK.

I have worked with various artists including Toby Jepson (The Little Angels), Dean Howard (T’Pau), Lee Latchford Evans (Steps), Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Danny Bowes (Thunder), David Domminey Fowler (The Australian Pink Floyd) and Chesney Hawkes to name a few.

I have also worked as a drum technician and road crew for various artists including Suzi Quatro and Missey Elliot.

I was the in house session drummer for Rogue Studios and played on numerous recordings varying from dance music, pop to heavy metal.

I have gigged all over Europe ranging from small clubs to arenas and music festivals and have probably played in every single music bar and pub in the UK!!

And there you have it!! Right, that's enough of my talking.....let's boogie!!

Andres X